Birding is for everybody — these apps are here to help

White-eyed vireo singing. Photo by: Annalise Kaylor

I’ll never forget the first time I heard it raining outside of my house. I was eighteen years old and had just received my first pair of hearing aids. Tears ran down my face in coordination with the raindrops cascading down my windows. …

The author, Annalise Kaylor, on location outside of Lusaka, Zambia (photo by: Ann Hardie)

Getting Started With Video: What Still Photographers Need to Know

For professional photographers, learning video is a matter of “when,” not “if.” The latest video marketing survey from WyzeOwl reports that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. What’s more, people watch an average of 18 hours of video online each week and are twice as likely to…

Don’t complain.

Photo of the author taking a photo. Used with permission. Photo by: Bill Worley

My most valuable work is not my best work. It’s not a personal project with hours of conceptualization and production behind it. It’s not the frame I made right at that single, beautiful moment where photographic luck and skill collide. …

Photography equipment // Photo by Annalise Kaylor

When photography became more than just a hobby for me, first as a part-time job and later a full-on career change, I joined a handful of online photography groups to expand my learning and find community. Like every other corner of the internet, these communities are full of advice and…

Annalise Kaylor

Annalise is a documentary photographer and video maker for an international NGO. She has an almost unhealthy love of birds. Portfolio:

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